Heated Houses

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Winter is coming to half of the world, and that means lots of bundling up for you and your pets. But what about pets that live outside? I know from personal experience that trying to keep outside animals warm in the winter months is a long battle full of trial and error.  We have the best and safest option for outdoor cats.

We provide cat houses that are waterproof and completely insulated so your cat can stay warm and dry no matter the weather.  When searching for the perfect home for your outdoor cat or for multiple cats that you have outdoors, search no further, we have several different houses to choose from for your furry friends.

But you’re wondering about the heating bed and how it can benefit your cat, right? Some of the cat houses we offer have heated pet beds that not only provide heat when your cat is in them, but also warms the floor around the pet bed for increased heat in the area. This also leaves your cat the option to either be in the warmed pet bed, or to leave it for another part of their outdoor home that isn’t quite as warm if they get too hot. Other outdoor cat homes may be heated differently to suit the preferences of you and your cat, but rest assured that they will be well-suited to whatever needs you have for your outdoor cats!

Now that you know all about the great outdoor cat houses that we provide for your pets, it’s time to start shopping!