BIG NOSE-Padded Pets Warming Crate Mat Bolster Bed for Cats Dogs 36V


BIG NOSE-Padded Pets Warming Crate Mat Bolster Bed for Cats Dogs 36V


Pet bed designed for crates, carriers, and other pet homes with comfortable rim for pets to rest their head on
Provide the best way to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature when in use in low voltage, 36V. The right range of the temperature from 95F to 102F, which will automatically stop by the material limitation at 102F. Overheated is prevented by PTC effect.
Advance technology to ensure the mat is working in safety and no harm to the home environment. ZERO electromagnetic is good for home environment.
Durable and washable. Injected heater is washable but can’t be twisted. The cushion is filled with synthetic polyester that will continue to hold its form over time.
Heating material is made of 100% green material which is certified by SGS

Bloster side pillow
We are always pursuing the most restful sleep and thanks to the bloster side pillow design, our pet can have a rest with the best head position which can help preventing any strain on neck.

Locking Design for cable connection in case of the tearing and chewing
We might have experienced the nightmare of our pets’ teeth. They can damage almost everything in the house. Dogs who are under 1 year old almost has the need of chewing. Big Nose heating mat is applied the locking system in our cable connection and extra strengthen the material of the cable . It is not easy to be damaged and tear off.