K & H Manufacturing KH ThermoPet Mat 14" x 28" Mocha


K & H Manufacturing KH ThermoPet Mat 14" x 28" Mocha


The K&H Thermo-Pet Mat
Can be used year-round!
The K&H Thermo-Pet Mat is an affordable solution to owning a heated sleeping mat for your furry friends. Using only 6-watts of power, this incredibly comfortable bed has a dual thermostat heater buried beneath its soft foam, creating a cozy napping place for dogs or cats. This Thermo-Pet Mat comes in a standard size of 14 inch x 28 inch.

These mats are a convenient size and fit almost anywhere. Your pet will enjoy indoor comfort year-round. Both cats and dogs love them!

The Secret Behind It All
The secret to this pet bed is its surface which will remain at 12 to 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature. As you pet lays down on it, it begins to warm to the animal’s normal body temperature making for a happy kitty or dog.

How to Test Your K&H Thermo-Pet Mat
You can test your K&H Thermo-Pet Mat by placing a large pillow on top of it. After about 20 minutes, feel under the pillow. It will feel warm, not hot. DO NOT use an extension cord during this test.

The surface of the bed will be about 15°F above ambient air temperature until the pet lies on the bed. Then it will warm to about 102°F, which is the natural body temperature of dogs and cats.

Care Instructions: Unplug and remove the internal Pet Bed Warmer. Remove the cover and wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry or use the no-heat cycle on your dryer.