KeePaWarm Portable Pet Heating Pad for Small Pet Dogs Cats 18” x 13” 5W - Free Fleece Cover

Product description

The KeePaWarm heating pad is the world’s first portable heating pad for pets. The portable, energy efficient solution that provides just the right about of heat for your pets. Perfect for all any spaces – use anytime at home, in the yard or outside camping. With one button manual controls, it is simple to adjust the best fit temperature for your pet.

Unlike those traditional heating pads that requires fixed socket to provide power, the KeePaWarm product can be powered by any powerbank, just put it anywhere you want!

Made of flame-resistant non-absorbent TPU and waterproof materials, which is soft and environmental friendly. The overheat protection component will to bring extra safety to your pet or anyone who use the product. As low as 5 wattage will never hurt your pets or anyone. 100% safety guaranteed!

Easy to operate and use with ONE BUTTON control design. Long pressing the button, you can switch between TurnOn or TurnOFF function. Short pressing the button, you can switch between three temperature levels.

The KeePaWarm heating pad use Grephene heating film to generate heat for pets. The Grephene is a flat film consists of carbon atoms, it is the lightest and thinnest new nano-material with the best hardness and toughness ever tested in the world. The heat generated by Grephene heating film contain Far-Infrared, which is very close to the Far-Infrared emitted by any animals on wavelength. Therefore the product will bring not only fast heat for your pet, but also physical therapy effect from medical point of view. To be more specifically, the KeePaWarm heating pad can help improve your pet’s blood circulation and immune system if your pet is suffering from any disease such as Skin Injury, Bone Bruise/Fracture, Tumour/Cancer, etc. It can also help those newborn or elderly pets to relieve their pain and stress.


KeePaWarm Portable Pet Heating Pad for Small Pet Dogs Cats 18” x 13” 5W - Free Fleece Cover


The exclusive portable pet heating pad! Take it anywhere you want, indoor or outdoor. A 10,000 mAh powerbank can provide 4-7 hours heat for your pet! (Powerbank not included in the package)
100% Safe and Fast! Generate heat within 10 seconds with any powerbank, don’t worry about electric leakage anymore! (Powerbank not included in the package). One year limited warranty!
Adjustable temperature level (from 89 to 111), you can choose the best fit temperature for your pets on your own!
Designed with graphene technology, provide fast, even heating with medical treatment effect, especially beneficial for newborn/elderly/injury pets in cold seasons.
The dimension of the product is 13″ x 18″, perfect size for most medium to small-size pets such as Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.