Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Adjustable Warming, Chew Resistant


Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Adjustable Warming, Chew Resistant


Our Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Adjustable Warming, Chew Resistant is designed to cradle your pets in a warming comfortable environment. The pad only heats up to the recommended temperature.  The pad may be used either with a fleece cover or by placing it under the outer layer of your pet’s bed.  The pad is not intended  for your pets to lay directly on the unit without a cover.
Soothing heat will relax and comfort your pet’s sore muscles, and warm their bodies.
There are 7 level adjustable temperature and is supplied with a DC adaptor and LED temperature control which allows you to adjust the temperature. The cable has bite tube protection.
【Safety Pet Heating Pad】For protection from injured by high temperature, our product designs low power and slow heating. The pet need to lay on the heating pad for 8-12 minutes, then heating effect will be evident change.The recommended temperature is 104℉. The comfortable and healthy temperature for animal is 98℉-110℉ in winter
【Removable and washable】The roof of the heating mat is easy to peel off to better clean the mat. Even on a trip you can take it with you.

Product description


★IC control box with LED indicator;
★Temperature display : 7 temperature levels to adjust75℉-135℉; 140℉ Thermal protector;
★With waterproof soft PVC envelope enclosure and anti-bite design wire;
★Safe to use because of the 12V low voltage;
★Safe slow heating and balanced heat transfer;
★Intelligent sensing ambient temperature and automatic control on and off functions;
★Configure the car power plug for using in the car;
★Fleece Cover is detachable for easy cleaning;
★The pet heat pad is soft and comfortable that it can be placed in pets beds of various materials and shapes.
Material: PVC;
Adapter : 12V DC at 2000mA;
Power: 18 Watts;
Size: 40x30cm.

★The suggested temperature for pets to sleep in winter is about 105°F. If the temperature of pet heat pad is high, it will cause damage to the pet’s skin, possibly leading to skin disease or hair loss.
★It is recommended to use the heating pad in a pet nest or cage. If it is used directly on the floor, please put some warm item between the pet heat pad and the floor to get better heat. (Note: Do not cover the pet heating pad by any warm item when you use )
★Individual pets may refuse to use the heating pad due to weather, personality or various other reasons. In this case, you need to patiently teach your pet to fit the product.And it will be better with the usual nest or mattress.
1 Pet Heating pad
1 12V Adaptor
1 Instructions
2 Fleece Covers