Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Chew Resistant Overheat Protection


Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Chew Resistant Overheat Protection


The Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Chew Resistant Overheat Protection has a design to cradle your pets for a warm comfortable environment.  The pad has a heat control that only heats up to the  temperature recommended by veterinarians.  The pad can be easily placed under the outer layer of a pet bed or used with a fleece cover.  Always cover the pad unit using the fleece covers provided. Do not allow your pets to lay directly on the unit itself.  Our heating pad gives your pets a soothing heat that will warm your pets bodies helping them to relax and give comfort to their sore muscles.

Our pet pad has 7 different temperature levels with a control box with LED temperature control that allows you to adjust the temperature to the specific needs of your pets.  It is supplied with a DC adaptor and the cable has bite tube protection.  Our product is designed for low power and slow heating to protect from high temperature injury.  Pets need to lay on the heating pad 8-12 minutes for heating effect.  Recommended temperature is 104℉.  Healthy temperature for pets in the winter months is 98℉-110℉.  Safe slow heating and balanced heat transfer and safe to use because of the 12V low voltage.


Product Information

Fleece Cover is detachable for easy cleaning                                                                                                                                                                    Material: PVC
Adapter : 12V DC at 2000mA
Power: 18 Watts
Size: 65x40cm.

1 Pet Heating pad
1 12V Adaptor
1 Instructions
2 Fleece Covers

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